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Welcome to our web site.
A synopsis of the Garabandal Events

The Greatest Event Of All Time
Foretold Over Forty Years Ago
The Warning, The Miracle and The Chastisement
The World Continues The Same
Oblivious Of The Hand Of God.

NEW !!!
Garabandal DVD Collection
Through cine-films of the 1960's and with
technology of the 70's and 80's,
many scripts and films were put together
and later videos were produced telling of
the events and happenings at Garabandal.
We feel that the preservation of this
collection in the DVD format is our privilege,
if not our duty.
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Church Guidance Garabandal
Click here to read a translation from the original Spanish, of a reply received
by a person who sought guidance with regard to the Churches position
on Garabandal and the alleged apparitions there.
Pilgrimage to Garabandal & Lourdes NEW (July-August 2008)
Pilgrimage To Fatima, Santiago de Compostella & Garabandal. (May & October 2008)

The Warning and The Miracle
An in-depth look at the two prophesied events
based on interviews with the seers.

Photographs Old & New
We invite you to view hundreds of original photographs
From the time of the apparitions complimented by
Recent colour photographs of the visionaries.
What's more you can click a photo to see it larger.

Pope Paul VI & Pope John Paul II
What Pope John Paul II and Pope Paul VI
had to say about Garabandal

Archbishops Letter
Full details of the archbishops letter
at www.garabandal.org

recognised and accepted as coming from God.

The Garabandal Story
" The most beautiful story of humanity since
the birth of Jesus Christ"
Quote Pope Paul VI

Fifth Visionary
Along with the four children the only other person privileged
by God to see Our Lady was Fr. Luis Andreu.
Words cannot describe the blessings bestowed on this Holy Priest.
He was shown the great miracle.

Exhorting us all: make sacrifices, do penance,
visit the Blessed Sacrament, lead good lives.

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links to alternative sites world-wide.








On the 45th anniversary of the

first message of Garabandal,

we are privileged to offer all

our promoters an all-in-one,25 disc wallet presentation:

"The Message",

"The Eyewitness", "John Paul II & The Prophecies of Garabandal"


Together with 22 other Garabandal Cine & Video productions now available for the first time on DVD and so conveniently presented in a 25-disc wallet.

The most unique package ever offered in the promotion of the Garabandal Message.



"Make The Message Known"

discounted price

£80stg or €100


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Modesty Lessons given at Garabandal

"Dress with decency if you

wish to be saved.

The styles will drag

you to eternal fire."

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